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Registration Instructions:

The University of Lisbon registration system is somewhat complex. We apologize for the inconvenience but we can’t escape using it to process the registrations of xCoAx 2017.

Please read the instructions below before performing your registration!

Registrations are made in the Fenix Platform with an account from the University of Lisbon.

Please bear in mind that an ID card, VAT number (see note 6) and billing address are mandatory and that payment must be done immediately upon registration using ATM (in Portugal only) or VISA (international).


If you don’t already have an account, you must first create one in the Fenix platform at https://goo.gl/uJH5Iz


If you already have an account and forgot your credentials, you can recover them at https://goo.gl/lfhnuO


When you create your account you will receive an email with a username for login. This email will be sent from fenix-noreply@belasartes.ulisboa.pt, please check your spam or whitelist this address.

Please avoid using emails at the domains @netcabo.pt, @hotmail.com, or @vodafone.pt, since delivery failure has been reported.


Login at fenix.belasartes.ulisboa.pt/login using the password you inserted in the account creation form.


Go to the candidacies page. On the Open candidacies menu, please scroll down to find XCOAX registration options, and click create on the right side of the desired item:

* Payment for the conference dinner must be done separately using the same personal data.

Once you have created an application for one of the items it will be available on the Applied candidacies menu and can be edited until you complete your payment.


Please fill all the mandatory fields (marked with *) on the personal data tab. If you don’t have a VAT number choose as VAT country “Portugal” and insert the default VAT number 999999990.


After filling the form you must scroll down to insert your Billing Address in the contacts menu. You must also select an option on the status and on the certificate tab. To complete the registration and receive a payment reference you must click send registration on the upper right side of the candidacies page.


Registration will be validated after payment, for which an ATM (Portugal only) or a VISA (international) reference is provided. Payment must be done immediately.

Start online registration

If you have questions concerning registration, please contact the Communication and Image Office of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon at comunicacao@belasartes.ulisboa.pt or +351 213 252 108

For other questions regarding xCoAx please contact luisa.ribas@xcoax.org